Wednesday, August 3, 2011

oh how i love the dougherty's

laughter, take me as i am, serve, generosity, affection- all thoughts i have when it comes to these friends. i've loved them for a long time and am constantly grateful for who they are.

when i got to julie's house we all just sat around for a while waiting for everyone to congregate and i said "it's amazing how your children all look so different." she said, "and they all act so different". 4 kids, not a one of them alike. but watch them as they come together, they become this force. they know each other, like really know each other, and push the right buttons. when i'm with them i want to be one of them. brilliant, beautiful, kind, and not too proud. they are sophistiated but without pretense.

julie, angela, jenny, matt, and drew. i've loved watching them all grow, change, yet to the core remain. now there's lavern, carter, and alex mixing it up right along with them.

thanks for allowing me to call you friends.


Jenny said...

You're great.

matt said...

agreed. love them.